Questions on Technology in WWII

Directions: Go to (download “plug-in” if needed) and study each of the categories in the “darkroom” for Science and Technology of WWII. There are 14 pictures “hanging up” that represent different categories related to technology in WWII.

1. Medicine and Health

2. New Materials

3. Optics and Photography

4. Nutrition

5. Communication

6. Rocketry

7. Mathematics

8. Radar

9. Meteorology

10. Atomic Bomb

11. Chemical warfare

12. Training

13. Equipment

14. After the War

First, briefly look over the questions below and consider them while looking at the categories. Then answer the questions in groups of 3 (one person to each side of you) and post your answers here individually.

1.      Using the examples in the “darkroom,” explain how WWII innovations in science and technology affect the world we live in today? Include at least 4 examples from the “darkroom.”

2.  What are some examples of how training was conducted and advanced in the military? Do you believe this affected the outcome of WWII? Explain.

3. Explain how you think WWII affected the funding and collaboration of science to create certain technologies?

4. How do you think WWII and the need for new technologies affected the U.S. economy and industry? Explain with examples.

12 Responses to “Questions on Technology in WWII”

  1.   Kaela Hurteau Says:

    I pretty much failed social studies sorry… :( but the medical technolgies they found are still used today, in different forms. So thats something that they kept.

  2.   Emily Says:

    4. the need for technology was one way to boost the economy. The soldiers needed a lot of technology and we needed to be able to provide it to them. It allowed a few industries to get ahead when the economy wasn’t the best.

  3.   Ashlea Says:

    I think the funding was certainly critical for the development of the new technologies, especially the atomic bomb. Without the capacity to pay the scientists to stop their initial efforts and work on one specific project, the development of new technologies would not have occurred so quickly.

  4.   Katie Sharpe Says:

    I think WWII boosted the economy and industry of the United States because we wanted to develop the best technologies for our soldiers. We were highly motivated to win the war and therefore highly motivated in the work place.

  5.   Al Says:


    WWII set the foundation for modern technology most notably in the field of computers and radio communications.


  6.   steph Says:

    1.)I think that the technology and scienve affect the world that we live in today because a lot of these inventions help us out in the war/military today. I also think that for example rador is used all around us now all the way from planes, to cop cards. Some of the examples that I looked at in the dark room was rador, nutrition, atomic bombs, and training. I think that it is all interesting and I could spend much more time viewing each one to learn more information about them.

  7.   Heidi Williams Says:

    The new technologies helped the US economy during the war. Our military purchased these products from companies where women worked during the war to help support their families while their husbands were fighting for our country. Many jobs were created to meet the demand for these products.

  8.   Al Says:


    Radio and computers

  9.   Neil Says:

    3. WWII signaled a shift in industry from consumer product based to military producted based. Companies that once made products for every day life were now making products to help their country in the war effort. Companies shifted their product research and product for the war effort and for government contracts. As such cooperations were investing in the war effort and thus, with the government, funding the science necessary to create new technology.

  10.   Thea Moruzzi Says:

    Question #3. It seems as though the U.S. war innovations began government funded programs specifically for improving the millitary’s strength. A-bomb, bigger better weapons and equipment for chemical warfare were a result. This was the time when science became devoted to military improvements.

  11.   Joan Says:

    1. Four things from WWII that effect our world is the use of DDT on the environment, the wide spread use of penicilin, “Walkie-Talkie” which has developed into modern cell phones and the use of plasma duri8ng emergancies.

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